Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. What is the criteria for evaluation?
Evaluation is based on novelty of idea, scale of impact and conditions in which the project is executed.
Q.2. Can I Submit Nominations for multiple categories?
A candidate can be nominated only in one category. A maximum of two individuals can be nominated for a project.
Q.3. What supporting documents should be submitted?
Each application must submit a minimum of two and a maximum of five supporting documents. Supporting documents are video files, newspaper articles, etc that depict the project's impact.
Q.4. I don't have supporting documents. What Can I Do?
Nomination process would be considered incomplete, without the supporting documents. Hence, the nomination will be not considered.
Q.5. Will I get notified, in case of selection?
Winners will be notified via email and a personal phone call.
Q.6. What are the incentives for a change maker to apply?
If the jury decides that a certain application is eligible, the applicants receive an online certificate of recognition attested by heads of both QCI and VIF. However only few outstanding ones receive awards and corresponding certificate at Quality Conclave.
Q.7. Will I get notified, in case of selection? How should i plan my travel?
Winners will be notified by an email and a personal phone call. They have to make their own arrangements to the venue latest by 1 PM. Refund for Two-tier AC train booking can be expected.

Q.8. Who are eligible to apply?
Individuals working in the Government Sector, Social Enterprises, Research, Think-Tanks, Not for Profit organizations/agencies at the national, state and local levels are eligible for nomination
Q.9. What should Letter of Reference contain? Who should give it?
Letter of reference should be preferably from the head of the organisation (reporting authority/manager in case head is not available). It should point out the valuable contributions by the applicant, achievements resulting from the implementation of the initiative/project submitted, and underlining why this initiative/project is worthy of being awarded is required.
Q.10. What results in disqualification and revocation of award?
An award can be revoked by the committee at any point, if it has been established that the winner has failed to observe the award rules. These three are prospective reasons of action Presenting misleading and false information and supporting documents. Unethical behaviour, including undue pressure on any person involved in the evaluation and selection process.
Q.11. Who can apply and when is the last date of submission?
Changemakers of 22-35 age group can apply and the last date of submission is 14th September, 2017.
Q.12. Whom should i contact for more queries?
You can write to or call on +91-9491192644